I present a variety of close-up magic (with accessories like coins, cards, ropes…) by going from table to table (table hopping).

With everyday and borrowed objects such as rings, bills or keys, I realise incredible magic a few cm from their eyes.

Your customers will witness and experience close-up magic that will create a pleasant atmosphere and leave them with a lovely souvenir.

With my personal approach, I will help you to manage busy periods and my performance will be an added value for your restaurant. Your customers will be focussed on the magic presentation, which will give you more flexibility during the service if needed.

Restaurants I worked with on a weekly basis focus a great deal of their advertising on getting people in on the nights I was there. You would be amazed at the amount of your customers who want to see something unique and stronger wish to come with friends.



“Fantastic !! Breath taking, extremely entertaining”

– Alan Mackie


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